Monday, July 28

TSBR Troopies Update: 7.28

Hello to all of our pawsome family, friends and followers. We definitely have a lot going on and we're excited to share some updates with all of you! 

Harley Updates: Three Scoops of Vanilla Fundraiser and Last Weigh-In

First and foremost, save-the-date for THIS Wednesday, July 30th as we have been chosen as the recipient for another 3 Scoops of Vanilla fundraiser for our Harley-boy. If you remember the last one, it was a fantastic rescue necklace and this time around it’s a gorgeous bracelet that you are sure to love! 

 Harley will be featured on the Three Scoops of Vanilla's Facebook page, where one of her stunning necklace creations will be auctioned off with 100% of the high bid going directly to Harley's vet care!

Three Scoops of Vanilla will also sell a bracelet for $45.00 the day of Harley's event, of that, TSBR will receive $10.00 from each necklace sold. Our last Three Scoops of Vanilla fundraiser raised over $1000 towards Harley's vet care and we are beyond excited about this one as well!
Harley Health Update: Slow and Steady
Harley continues to be visibly thin, however he has put on a tremendous amount of muscle which is critical to his metabolism, mobility, and energy production. He now weighs approximately 74 pounds, which was up 2.5lbs from his last weigh-in. Our next goal for him is 80! That is a far cry from the below 60 place we found him!
If you’d like to help us with Harley’s care please make a donation here, all amounts are welcome and so appreciated. If you’d prefer to make a physical donation and happen to have access to “Lactated Ringers,” (Sodium Chloride or LR fluids) we will GLADLY accept them, along with standard needle or needle-less IV tube sets, and 18 gauge needles.

That's all for now, thank you again for your support and love.

~Paws Out~


Monday, July 21

Mail call...and update!

Good Morning Harley World ~

Who ever invented a bacon scented ORANGE rubber ball for dogs must have envisioned Harley! Jon F. and his furries: Chloe and Milo, went shopping together for Harley Boo, and then drove all the way to Denton to expedite delivery of his toys, new ball, and marshmallows - Wow! As you can see, Harley hung out with his foster brother Moon and shared everything but his ball, lol. Thank y'all so much!

Can you believe we are starting week 7 of TSBR's Extreme Makeover Harley Edition.

For a dog we didn't expect to live 24 hours, the joy of watching him thrive and check off items on his bucket list has been unimaginable and a tremendous honor.

Last week Harley had a few rough spots with his appetite, but has since recovered it and despite that bump in the road has managed to gain half of a pound! Harley also got his nails trimmed, blood drawn (results still pending), ears cleaned and treated, and a thorough check over that gave him 2 thumbs up!

Keep those bucket list items coming as we work as a community to show everyone that 1 dog most certainly can make a difference, and the message is a loud and clear, "They matter...each and every one of them!"

We continue to look for ways that we can better his quality of life, and make the most of it, while attempting to manage and correct the damage from years of neglect and abuse. Our latest plan includes a consult with a Veterinary nephrologist (Renal specialist) as well as dental consult, to see if we can help Harley's appetite. New medications to help lower his BUN, increase appetite, and combat his anemia are in the works as well.

We will also be engaging a Veterinary acupuncturist to assist with joint pain and blood flow to the kidneys and extremities, and hope to engage a Reiki master to help bring positive energy into his battered body.

Those of our supporters who have had the opportunity to either interact with Harley or watch his adventures, know that he is worth every moment of our time, every penny we can all spare, and every prayer and hope our hearts can provide.

An outing with Harley always brings opportunities to engage the starts with stares and whispers over his thin appearance, and ends with the joy of tears, laughs, a Harley hug and ball toss, but more importantly another educated community member! In between, lies the powerful message that we strive each day to share with Harley's World, and ours.

Harley is indeed a poster child for our educational mission!

We continue to be beyond grateful for your love and support in all forms. We hope to raise the funds necessary over the next two weeks to provide for these additional veterinary expenses that have the potential to offer Harley some very real benefits. We trust that what is meant to be for Harley will be provided.

Thank You from the bottom of his paws...and ours!


Saturday, July 12

Mail Call!

Can you believe what I got??? One of my favorite snacks and a fluffy, wooly toy too. As you can see I loved it right away and I'm not too insecure in my "Harley Rockstarness" to admit it!

Thank you MaryAnne, Richard, Katie and Maddie Miss Kitty too!


I've been Harley'n it up bout you?


Got some good news and some bad news...oh ok let's have the good news first. 

My favorite doc from Rickords Animal Hospital called my peeps this morning to chat about my not my foster brothers and sisters...the ones they stick me for each week to see how I'm doin. 

Well guess what...yeah I guess in some ways it was a mixed bag, but the really good news is nothing real bad. In fact, my creatine is down almost 4points and so doc says I need to try real hard to eat my special meds  this week so I can bring down my bun, and I thought buns were what my chicken sandwiches came on...silly me.

Anywho - so I have some work to do still, but they all agree, that what matters is not a number, but how I feel...

Well that brings me to the not so good see I felt so good today that I got a little carried  away, and well...(GULP),

I kinda had an accident with my new friend lampchop...but don't worry, I'm just fine...

But poor lammy - well, um, he had to see the mommers for emergency repairs...

I'm so sorry Maddie and Katie - I guess I got so excited I just shook, and shook, and shook lammy, and well...see for yourself!

Mommers said it was okay...that no one in Harley World would be mad either...(but boy oh boy did I have fun). 

Okay gotta go - I'm off to second dinners, and hide and seek...


Thursday, July 3